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Coated vs. Uncoated Paper: What's the Difference?

Introduction: When it comes to printing, choosing the right paper can make all the difference in the final result. Two common paper types are coated and uncoated paper. In this blog post, we'll go through the differences between coated and uncoated paper and their uses.

  1. Coated Paper: Coated paper has a smooth, shiny finish that gives it a glossy appearance. It's made by coating the paper with a thin layer of clay or other substances. This type of paper is commonly used for printing high-quality images, photographs, and marketing materials such as brochures and flyers. It's also ideal for printing text that needs to be sharp and clear.

  2. Uncoated Paper: Uncoated paper doesn't have a smooth, shiny finish like coated paper. It has a natural, rough texture that gives it a more organic look and feel. This type of paper is commonly used for printing text-heavy documents such as books, newspapers, and magazines. It's also suitable for printing artwork and illustrations that require a more rustic appearance.

  3. Differences in Printing: Coated paper is ideal for printing images and photographs because it can hold more ink and produces sharper, more vibrant colors. Uncoated paper is better suited for printing text-heavy documents because it's easier to read and absorbent, making it ideal for writing on with pens and pencils.

  4. Differences in Cost: Coated paper tends to be more expensive than uncoated paper because it requires additional processing to achieve the smooth, glossy finish. However, the cost difference may vary depending on the quality and thickness of the paper.

Conclusion: Choosing the right paper type is crucial for achieving the desired results in your printing projects. Whether you need to print high-quality images or text-heavy documents, understanding the differences between coated and uncoated paper can help you make an informed decision. At 17print, we offer a wide range of paper types and printing services to suit your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our printing services.

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